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I'm a woman of many hats: frugal foodie, shoe whore, baby hog, emerging young professional, passionate volunteer, energetic coach, aspiring writer, thriftanista and wannabe chef. 

 Born and bred in Southern Maryland, my roots are planted deeply in a small, rural community often referred to as "the county." The name of this very blog originates from these said roots. My small town upbringing in combination with my urban work environment has birthed a strange hybrid of hobbies in the emergence of my adult life. I have a passion for high fashion and striking interest in local food. A strange dichotomy between blue and white collar life, County Meanderings captures the essence of my twenty-something life.

Being thrifty is something that has been ingrained into my soul by my fantastically frugal mother. Whether it be using coupons to save cash on groceries or filling fanny-packs with quarters for Saturday morning yard sales, my Momma taught me all I know about being a frugal gal. 

In addition to thrifty living, I have a passion for creating, studying and of course, eating all types of food. I've been what my Daddy calls an "eater" since birth; there isn't a single food that I won't try. I see creating food very similarly to styling outfits; it is truly an art. The kitchen is my therapeutic escape to a sometimes fast-paced life. 

In addition to being an eater, I am also a talker. I have been given the "gift of gab" and I certainly make use of it. If I overhear you talking food or fashion, we will become instant friends. 

I hope you find something within County Meanderings that entices you. I truly appreciate you stopping by the blog!


  1. Hope you can join our fashion mixer/panel tomorrow eve w/ some local tastemakers. Cant post links here so google open source fashion dc :)

  2. What an enjoyable read! I look forward to reading more "County Meanderings"! We both share a love of thrift shops and yard sales. I remember getting up early on Saturdays to hit the sales with my mama and Bigmama. The early birds always got the best deals!