Sunday, September 8, 2013

Thrift Haul #5

This summer has yielded me with the most divine thrift finds. From Christian Louboutin to Kate Spade, I have found a plethora of high end designer goods for under $25.00. My Mom and I made another trip to Fredericksburg, VA to scavenger the 10+ thrift stores in the area. Of course, we made another stop at the Goodwill Outlet where you purchase your goods by the pound! Yes, textiles are weighed and priced at approximately $1.69 per pound. Shoes come at a flat price of $2.50. It is an acquired experience; definitely not one for the impatient shopper.  We also made a stop in downtown Fredericksburg and found an amazing consignment shop. ReRun has women and children's clothing at 25%-70% off of retail prices. I could've bought everything in the store but I practice a bit of self-control (shocking!) and only picked up a few things. Check them out, Aside from Fredericksburg, this haul also includes my usual stores (Thrift Store Center, Vintage Values, etc.). I did find a new store this summer that is one of my new favorites in the Alexandria area: Frugalista. Besides the fabulous name, this store is filled to the brim with amazing brands at legit dirt cheap prices. I am talking $5.00 tops, bottoms, or 3 for $12.00. The dresses ran about $8.00 and shoes around the same. They also run a special often where you buy 3 things and get the 4th one for free. I got FREE Citizens of Humanity Jeans! Overall, this month of thriftventure was another raging success! 

The Goods:

Kate Spade Snap Top Sunglass Holder: $1.98
Thrift Store Center, Alexandria, VA
I have a soft spot for Kate Spade and this price was unbeatable. This case has "wink wink" engraved in the leather on the backside. Adorable. 

Vintage Mirror: $2.99
Fredericksburg Goodwill Outlet, Fredericksburg, VA
This price was unbeatable for this awesome mirror. It is so Snow White. I am still toying with the idea of painting it but for now, I am going to leave it in its original, regal state. 

Zoe & Zac Cross Hatched Faux Suede Heels: $9.99
Thrift Store Center, Alexandria, VA
It is always a good day when you find unworn shoes; the sweet satisfaction of mint condition. I am unfamiliar with the brand but the nude color will be a perfect asset to my shoe collection.

Style & Co Metallic Elastic Heels: $4.00
Charlotte Hall Farmer's Market, Charlotte Hall, MD
These are so ridiculously comfortable. The bands of elastic are both chic and comfortable. 

Rampage Sandals: $4.00
Charlotte Hall Farmer's Market, Charlotte Hall, MD
Minimalistic yet eye catching. I loved the rhinestone detail on the toe straps and surprisingly, these are actually very comfortable! 

Kate Spade Cherry Patent Heels: $16.00
I often pick up things when I thrift that aren't my size, so that I can sell them on ebay. I then use that money to fuel my shoe addiction. These are product of my reselling. I love the deep red color. The heel height is absolutely perfect, too. 

Old Navy Cheetah Dress: $5.00
Vintage Values, Lexington Park, MD
A dress with pockets, need I say more? This was bold print for me (someone who can be a bit of plain Jane) but I loved that it was microfiber and that it had pockets. The sleeves have a button-back detail which is really cute. 

Forever 21 Prarie Skirt: $5.00
Vintage Values, Lexinton Park, MD
Anything that can serve what I like to call "double-duty" is fantastic. This is long, flowy skirt that can be hiked up to make a beautiful summer dress. I loved the hippie vibe of the pattern! 

Merona Structured Dress: $7.00
Vintage Values, Lexington Park, MD
This is a classic for work or a social event. The delicate ruffle around the neckline gives my lacking bust a nice "full" look (hahaha). 

Vintage Dress: $5.00
Vintage Values, Lexington Park, MD
Okay, I am IN LOVE with this dress mainly because it is hand-sewn. It has no tag and you can see the pictures below which show off the hand stitching in the hem. The slightly stiff collar and lace sleeves scream Morticia. It is so beautifully crafted. I didn't try it on in the store but I just got good vibes that it would fit me... when I got it home it literally fit like a glove. 

Hand Sewn Hem! 

Calvin Klein Sheath Dress: $7.98 at 50% so $3.98
Thrift Store Center, Alexandria, VA
I love all of Calvin Klein's professional line. This dress is the perfect shape; it has a hem down the center which is extremely flatter on a curvy shape. I love the pleating around the neckline. Very stylish. 

J Crew Boho Tank: $4.98
Fredericksburg Goodwill, Fredericksburg, VA
I bought this top for the tassels. I don't know but I loved them. It is classic, light cotton top. Perfect for hot summer days with a pair of cuffed jeans and oversized sunnies. Love. 

United States Sweaters: $6.00
ReRun, Fredericksburg, VA
I loved the shape of this open-knit sweater. It has a bit of bell sleeve and smidge of sixties vibe to it.

J Crew Flannel: $6.00
ReRun, Fredericksburg, VA
This is the perfect flannel; lightweight, colorful and super soft. 

The Limited Sheer Black and White Blouse: $4.98
Goodwill, Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA
I loved this sheer top! It has a fun print, gold accents and an elastic band at the bottom. Very chic!

Forever 21 Chiffon Blouse: $4.98
Goodwill, Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA
I am a sucker for royal blue. For blondes, it it totally our color! I loved the zip back detail on this top!

Kut from the Kloth Jeans: $6.98
Goodwill, Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA
I was unaware that these were $80 jeans when I went to try them on; they fit so perfectly I googled the brand and found out I really got a bargain. They have the perfect stretch. So comfy!

Old Navy Sheer Blouse: $4.00
Frugalista, Alexandria, VA
I was drawn to the strange mix of colors in this top. I loved that it was atypical. I had a little girl in Target stop me and tell me how much she loved my outfit when I paired this with a black pencil skirt and nude heels. That is always a great feeling!

Myth Sheer Blouse: $4.00
Frugalista, Alexandria, VA
I am not typically one to buy orange anything but this sheer tank top is so gorgeous! I loved the details: flowy neckline, perfect shaped back, and zip back. 

Merona Blazer: ...FREE
Frugalista, Alexandria, VA
A single button blazer is by far the most flattering cut on any woman's body. This was a great basic color and the best part was I got it as my 4th FREE item!

Unknown Feather Print Sheet Top: $4.00
Frugalista, Alexandria, VA
I have a fascination with no tag clothing. I have no idea where this top is from but I love a good, 3/4 sleeve sheer anything to throw on with jeans!

That's it for now, ya'll. Stay tuned until my next haul!


  1. What an incredible thrift haul... I'm so envious.

  2. Just found you on google +. You have a really good eye for finding clothes. My sister does too. Not so with me. Love what you found. !