Saturday, October 20, 2012

Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget

A Southern Maryland Saturday Adventure

It's days like these that make me thank my lucky stars that I come from a thrifty family. Today, my Momma and I set out on a bargain hunting adventure and returned home with some awesome finds. I got fifteen items for $35.00! Here is a picture of all my goodies:

 Just like most women in their early twenties, I love to shop but hate to spend money. Thrifting is so enticing because you honestly never know what you may stumble upon. Don't get me wrong, I love shopping anywhere; but there is just something so different about finding a bargain at a thrift store or yard sale. Buying a pair of shoes that have already been slightly broken in or a pair of jeans that have been worn a few times makes them fit in an unexplainably comfortable way. It is something that you just have to experience in order to understand. I love when someone compliments something I'm wearing and asks "where did you get that?" (that makes everyone feel good!). What I love even more is the look on their faces when I say "the thrift store!" I have never understood the negative stigma that thrift stores have- I guess to each his own; some people can't find the beauty in the hunt. There ain't nothin' I'd like to brag about more than a bargain! Anyway, I digress... let me share with you my Saturday finds!

Caffeinated and determined, we began our trip at the SoMD Fashion Flea Market in Leonardtown. This was the first time I have attended an event like this in Southern Maryland and it was a blast. There was a nice mix of second hand clothes, shoes, and accessories, along with various other vendors like Wildtree, Mark, Avon, Tastefully Simple, etc. I walked away with some really cute stuff and spent less than $20.00! 

I bought two shirts and a ring from the fashion flea market. I think my favorite item I got was the houndstooth chiffon top (H&M) pictured below. This was the most expensive thing I bought today but the style was so cute, I could not pass it up. I paid $10.00 for it. I also picked up a navy blue Ralph Lauren slim-fit polo which I needed for an organization I volunteer with so that was a win-win (I paid $4.00 for it). I also picked up a Mark ring for $2.00 which I thought was kinda fun! 

Our next stop was the St. Andrew's Church Annual Yard Sale. This parish does a huge yard sale every year and they always have a fantastic variety. I didn't buy anything from the yard sale but St. Andrew's Church actually has a really nice thrift store, which I got a few things from. My cheapest and best bargain of the day were a pair of almost brand new dress pants from The Limited. I also got a really pretty vintage silk blouse, a green 80's style sweater and a pair of brown flats. My total spent here was $7.00. The pants and green sweater were on a clearance rack and I got them for 50 cents each! The flat's were $3.00 and so was the silk blouse.

After St. Andrews, we set off to find a thrift store down in the 7th district that neither of us had been to. This store is located in a church hall on a quaint little farm. Here, I found a bunch of jewelry and a dressy jacket/shirt to wear to work. The jewelry ranged from $0.50 to $2.00; I got a necklace and four bracelets. The jacket cost $2.50. I spent $8.00 here. 

Our final stop was at a small yard sale right at the top of Leonardtown in front of the Shanti Building. Here, I got a $1.00 picture frame that I am going turn into a jewelry holder. I saw this idea on Pinterest and let's all pray I don't have to post it on Pinstrosity. If you haven't checked out their blog, I would highly recommend it! Anyways, I also got a pair of brand new black patent flats for $2.00! The lady was so nice, she threw in a free AC/DC "Greatest Hits" album for my Mom.  

Here are a few of the pictures I snapped on our adventure today. There are few things in life that love more than Southern Maryland. 
These pictures capture the beauty in the simplicity of this area.

We ended our adventure with a sushi lunch at Oga's (my favorite chinese spot in Leonardtown); I loved my fortune.

 If anyone who happens to come across this blog would like to join me in a thrifting adventure then certainly leave a comment and we shall scavenger SoMar!