Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thrift Haul #8

If you keep up with the blog, you know I am definitely slackin' on my thrifty posting! Due in part to the craziness of the holiday season and coupled with the general fast pace of life right now, I haven't been thrifting like I used to.

 But alas, I am back with some amazing find from my coveted DC Goodwill stores. We are approaching prime thrift season, folks. So, keep your eyes peeled in the coming months for some wonderful finds because your spring cleaning always warrants me with awesome stuff! Until then, here's what I've found the past few weeks. 

Before I jump into the nitty gritty, I have some important news to share from this haul. I was checking out at Goodwill last week and used my Foursquare check-in special to get shoes BUY ONE GET ONE FREE. This is the BEST special I've seen yet for a shoe lover like myself. I scored four new pairs for the price of two! I peaked the interest of the three ladies behind me in line, too. I helped them download the app and check-in at the store so they could see what types of specials that DC Goodwill stores offer each month. I didn't realize that I was one of the few people who actually use these specials. The cashier said that he doesn't see them often. But, fellow thrifters, these specials are always fantastic!

Do you have Foursquare? If not, stop what you're doing and download it. Then, get on twitter and follow @DCGoodwill and @DCGF. They announce monthly "check-in" specials. When you get to the store, check-in with the app and you will unlock the special! 

The Goods:

Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Silk Top: $4.98
Goodwill on Columbia Pike in Arlington, VA
This looks like the most unflattering top on the hanger but it is surprisingly well fitting. I plan to pair it with skinnies and heels for a night out or under a cardigan for work. Double-duty pieces are always a win-win! Not to mention, Cynthia Vincent's shopbop line retails tops like this retail in the neighborhood of $149-$220! 

 Sheer Top from the Limited: $4.98
Goodwill on Columbia Pike in Arlington, VA
The Limited is my absolute favorite store for pieces that serve what I call double-duty. This shirt would pair well with slacks but also would be a great match to dark denim and nude shoe. I loved the mother of pearl buttons; they add such a fun and feminine touch. 

Ann Taylor Silk  Shell: $1.98
Goodwill on Columbia Pike in Arlington, VA
This piece will look fabulous with a pair of grey dress pants and light colored cardi. What a steal for Ann Taylor! 

Mossimo Tunic: $4.98
Goodwill on Columbia Pike in Arlington, VA
I saw this when it was being sold in Target stores but couldn't justify paying $20.00 for it considering it is just a basic casual top. $5.00 was just enough for me spring for it. I love the empire waist on the tunic; definitely a flattering style for me. 

Michael Kors Button Down: $4.98
Goodwill on Columbia Pike in Arlington, VA
Anything cobalt blue- I'm usually sold. Pair that with a Michael Kors label and I'm definitely there. This is a great linen type of material. It will look fantastic with a pair of white shorts/capris in spring or with a pair of dress pants. Bonus: the sleeves roll up to 3/4! 

J Crew Button Down (NWT): $4.98
Goodwill on Columbia Pike in Arlington, VA
Ahhh, new with tags is always exciting! This shirt is brand spanking new and I was definitely drawn to the bright, bold emerald color. It will be a staple for work and still able to be worn casually with a sweater over top of it. 

Old Navy Peasant Top: $3.74
Goodwill on S. Glebe Road in Arlington, VA
I'm a sucker for two things… white cotton and anything black. This paired both of those together. I love a light, cotton shirt because it can literally be worn year round. 

 J Crew Chiffon Blouse: $3.74
Goodwill on S. Glebe Road in Arlington, VA
This is the ultimate date night top: flirty, sexy but still classy. J Crew rarely goes wrong in my book. I loved the cream and brown combo here… can't wait to wear this one. 

H&M Snakeskin Tunic: $3.74
Goodwill on S. Glebe Road in Arlington, VA
So the cashier and I had an argument over this piece… he seemed to think it was a dress and I begged to differ. I ended up getting my way after consulting the woman in line behind me. There is a lot of animal print in this haul… guess I have been feeling sassy here lately! 

Silk Shell from Gap: $1.98
Goodwill on S. Glebe Road in Arlington, VA
I couldn't pass up this color. It is the dead of winter and this coral makes my usual drab gray/black work outfits a little brighter. I loved the chiffon ribbons down the front of this top. 

MM Couture NWT Dress: $8.98
Goodwill on Columbia Pike in Arlington, VA
Another striking coral piece. This dress' shape is so insanely flattering. I loved the draped fabric details across the front bodice of the dress. Not to mention, this dress still had the $88.00 tag on it! It will be great for a summer wedding. 

Ellie Tahari Patent Pumps: $12.98 (I know it says $15 but I got charged $13... lucky!)
Goodwill on Columbia Pike in Arlington, VA
Ah, the perfect, professional, patent leather shoe. These have a totally manageable heel for running around but still flaunt the classic, refined style of Elie Tahari. 

Merona Strappy Espadrilles: FREE
Goodwill on Columbia Pike in Arlington, VA
These will be the perfect spring shoe. Definitely safe for the office but also will pair well with a sundress or jeans. I restocked my "classic blacks" in the shoe department this month!

Kate Spade Alligator Style Heels: FREE
Goodwill on Columbia Pike in Arlington, VA
So I may or may not have this same pair of shoes in a slingback with a pointed toe...I got these for free and since I am in love with all things Kate Spade, I am going to pay a little bit of money to get these babies resoled so they will give me a few more years of wear. 

Michael Kors Classic Platform Pumps: $20.00
Goodwill on S. Glebe Road in Arlington, VA
This is my absolute favorite find of this haul. These classic pumps are in pristine condition. They will be perfectly paired with a business suit but still able to worn on a night out. I found these in the glass display in the front of the store... Don't forget to check this out when you go to Goodwill! They stash all the best finds there. 

Forever 21 Striped: $8.98
Goodwill on Columbia Pike in Arlington, VA
My sister and I have a running joke that maxi dresses are the 21st century version of the house coat. I will be pairing this dress with my favorite jean jacket. I don't normally go for horizontal stripes but this fabric was so soft, I couldn't pass it up!

Loft Waterfall Cardi: $4.98
Goodwill on S. Glebe Road in Arlington, VA
I've been on the hunt for a cascading, open front cardigan and Goodwill checked that off my wish list. The metallic stripe makes this sweater dressy enough to wear to work but the shape makes it casual enough to pair with leggings and tunic around the house. 

That's all for now, y'all. Make sure you download Foursquare and follow DC Goodwill on Twitter so you can check out the awesome monthly specials!