Sunday, February 24, 2013

Thrift Haul

This month, I focused on exploring new thrift stores outside of my hometown area. I've found three new stores which are amazing! Two are in Alexandria, VA (Thrift Store Center and Goodwill) and the third is in Arlington, VA (Goodwill- S. Glebe Road location).

Arlington, VA Goodwill

Store Reviews

Thrift Store Center is the largest store I have been to (aside from the Goodwill Outlet) and it had some of the best prices and sales I have encountered thus far in my thrifting shenanigans. I'll be honest, this place looked super sketchy from the outside and I was a little apprehensive to dive in but I am so glad that I did. They had a breath-taking selection of women's professional attire, especially dress slacks; there was an amazing variety in the brands and almost all were in impeccable condition. I could have bought so many things but I was only looking for a few specific patterns and colors so I attempted to control myself. This place had the best mix of "true vintage" and contemporary styles that I've come across; this mix made shopping so much fun because I ran into some serious throwback styles. 

The other two Goodwill stores were both clean and the Alexandria one had an unbelievably nice staff. I preferred the Alexandria Goodwill over the Arlington store only because the prices on shoes were much cheaper. When you shop at Goodwill, clothes are always the same prices but they price shoes individually so they vary depending on location. Arlington had some awesome designer shoes but most pairs had $19.98 on them and for me, that was way out of my price range for what I'm willing to pay for shoes that have already had their fair share of wear. One downfall to the Arlington store is that nothing was really in size order whereas the Alexandria store had the best organization I have ever seen. Arlington is one of those locations that takes a "digging mood;" the clothes were organized by colors but ranged from XS to XXL in all areas which isn't ideal if you aren't in the mood to dig. All three of these stores have an amazing selection of brands including high price tag names like Charles Jourdan, Marc Fisher, Prada, Brooks Brothers, United Colors of Benetton, Banana Republic, J Crew, etc. Overall, I was really impressed with the selection and condition of everything I came across in these stores and I will definitely be back to all three!

 Here is the down-low on all of the items I collected this month:

  •  American Eagle Jeggings- Vintage Values- Lexington Park, MD (Bin)- $0.75- Destroyed Denim. I actually found two of the same exact pairs so I bought both and put one in my Plato's bag for my next consignment trip. 
Notice the permanent marker on the "tag"
- one of the ways staff can identify that these are from the bins.
Fortunately, it doesn't show through to the back!

  • Bullhead Skinny Jeans- Vintage Values- Lexington Park, MD (Bin)- $0.75- Olive Color.


  • Banana Republic Ryan Fit Dress Slacks- Goodwill Alexandria- $5.98- Wide leg, Black and grey plaid with a stripe of reddish orange in the pattern; cuffed at the ankle.

  • J Crew Cropped Dress Slacks- Hooks and Hangers- Charlotte Hall, MD- $2.50 (Org.  $4.95 but orange tags were 50% off!)- fully-lined wool blend; brown plaid with a stripe of mustard color in the pattern; button detailing and cuffed cropped.

  • Tahari Dress- Goodwill Alexandria- $8.98- (I am obsessed with this dress! Definitely my favorite find so far!) Royal blue, pin tucked top, a-line cut. 

  • Banana Republic Sheath Dress- Thrift Store Center- Alexandria, VA- $6.00- Wool blend, light gray with two pockets (who doesn't love a dress with pockets!) and loops for a waist belt. 

  • New York and Company White Dress Shirt- Vintage Values- Lexington Park, MD (Bin)- $0.75- the classic, crisp white shirt.

  • Unknown brand! (tag was removed) Necktie chiffon shell- Vintage Values- Lexington Park, MD (bin) $0.75- chiffon, black, tan and olive pattern, with my favorite neckline ("necktie"). 

  • Banana republic sleeveless button down- Goodwill Arlington- $4.98- gray, sleeveless with feminine ruffles at the top, delicate necktie style.

  • Banana Republic embellished top- Goodwill Arlington- $4.98- coral silk blouse with beautiful statement embellishments all around the neckline, 3 button back.

  • Michael Kors Pumps- Goodwill Alexandria- $6.98- pointed toe, studded black leather pumps with 2.5 inch heel. 

  • Guess Watch- Goodwill Alexandria- $5.00- leather band, gold tone accents.

There you have it; all the gems of the month!


  1. Thank you for shopping at our stores! You found some wonderful things! -DCGF

  2. Hi There!
    I came to your blog through the Goodwill Fashionista blog and thought I'd say hello from one SMC English major (c/o 2000) who loves thrifting to another!


    1. Sam, nice to hear a fellow SMC-er shares the love of thrifting! Thanks so much for coming by!

  3. I also found you through Goodwill Fashionista ... FANTASTIC finds at your Goodwill. Goodwill is my favorite store but our prices are quite a bit higher here in Houston. pippa